Business Phone Systems, Video Conferencing and Unified Communications in Boston, MA and New England

What makes Datamart, Boston’s ShoreTel Premier Partner different from other phone system providers?


Our customers have told us for many years that we provide the best service in Boston and New England for telephone systems and video conferencing. – TestimonialsShoreTelConnectHere

Delighting our customers means more than meeting our promised delivery and installation of a phone system or video conferencing system. It means more than being extremely responsive and having the technical expertise to solve any service issues that arise. – Customer Service Awards

It starts with an approach that includes listening very carefully to our customers and creating the right system for them. It means providing the right information to help you with your decisions and being a partner throughout the life of your system. – Frequently Asked Questions

Datamart serves Boston, MA as the premier provider of enterprise class business phone systems, video conferencing technology and VoIP. We are proud partners of leading companies in the unified communications industry including ShoreTel, LifeSize and HP. Call us today to learn more about our products, network solutions and services. Datamart specializes in the following products and services serving Boston, MA:

  • Business Phone Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • VoIP
  • Cloud Phone Systems
  • Network Services

  • Mary Beth Bayes – Boston Globe Media saves $1.6Million

    “Our partner Datamart in Wellesley, Massachusetts, is terrific and very professional. I think their project management was excellent. Keefe worked tirelessly. Their support desk is great, too. They worked in our building almost every day for about two months with us to figure out how to make things work,” remarks Bayes. “What more can you ask?” When Mary Beth Bayes, telecom manager at the Boston Globe, ran the numbers, she determined that the Datamart implemented ShoreTel solution would save the paper about $1.6 million over five years. ShoreTel beat several other phone system providers with its reliability, portability and advanced remote call center capabilities.

    Mary Beth Bayes – Boston Globe Media saves $1.6Million
  • Bill Corley, CIO, S E A (Kleinfelder) Consultants

    “DATAMART has been instrumental in making this rollout happen. We’ve been working with them for more than 10 years now, and throughout the entire RFP process, they took every effort to make sure they understood what we wanted and what we were expecting. They had a lot to do with the fact that it was a positive experience.”

    Bill Corley, CIO, S E A (Kleinfelder) Consultants
  • Doug Kingsbury CIO Penobscot Community Health Care

    “The flexibility of the ShoreTel system allows us to manage and meet the specific needs of each healthcare practice effectively and efficiently.”

    Doug Kingsbury CIO Penobscot Community Health Care